I would be happy to sweeten the most beautiful day of your life with a special, individual wedding cake according to your ideas. Send me an email request and I will be happy to check whether there are still free capacities available.

Checklist for the perfect wedding cake

In my experience, it is absolutely necessary to think about the following points in detail before the consultation:

  • Number of persons & size of the cake
  • Serving time
  • Design ideas & type of cake
  • Flavour & Filling
  • Budget
  • Other desserts or candy bar or wedding biscuits
  • Delivery date & location
  • Other
  • Payment options and cancellation conditions

Number of persons & size of the cake

For how many people should the wedding cake be baked?
The number of people has a direct influence on the size of the wedding cake.

Serving time

Will the cake be served in the afternoon with coffee or in the evening after dinner?
The timing could influence the choice of cake size, as a large proportion of guests like to have an afternoon
takes a larger piece with his coffee.

Design ideas & type of cake

What do you want your dream cake to look like? Are there any performances or ideas that you have seen on the internet or social media? How elaborate should the design be (modern patterns, modelled figures, floors)? Of course, I will also incorporate your chosen caketoppers into the wedding cake.

Depending on the season, fresh fruit cannot always be procured in the same quality. Should the selected fruit varieties not be available or not be available in an appealing quality, consideration will be given to the market situation.

If fresh flowers are planned for the cake, please order them in advance from your florist.

Attention: Real flowers are mostly chemically treated. In this case, I must warn you that they will come into contact with the cake. I cannot accept any liability for possible changes in taste or physical reactions triggered by this. Please clarify this with the florist in advance.

Browse through my gallery and get some inspiration.

Flavour & Filling

From my experience, less is often more.

Too much choice can lead to a backlog at the cake buffet. This could then lead to a change in the schedule. Are there any known food allergies or intolerances that should be taken into account when choosing the cake? In that case, I could offer you a little “special cake”.

Attention: Traces of gluten and nuts cannot be completely excluded despite the greatest care and selection of products.


The more choice is desired, the more time and material this represents for me.
Please take this into account in your budget planning.

Other desserts or candy bar or wedding biscuits

If other desserts are desired, such as a toast or a toast, please contact us. Muffins, Cupcakes, Donuts, Cake Pops, Macarons.
Should there also be a highlight for children, i.e. a special, imaginative snack buffet made of Cookie Monster, Unicorn, Smarties etc.? I will be happy to prepare lovely wedding biscuits for you, as a midnight snack or as a thank-you souvenir or snack for the wedding guests on their way home.

Delivery date & location

For organisational reasons, delivery of the wedding cake is only possible in the morning. Please let me know the local contact person (with telephone number) who will confirm the correct takeover of the cake and temporarily store it in the appropriate cooling device.

The cost of delivery varies according to the location, as two people are required for transport.
If you collect the goods yourself, you are responsible for ensuring that the cold chain is maintained and that the goods are stored appropriately.


I will provide you with cake stands, etagères or other cake plates free of charge until three days after the wedding date. However, I will have to charge you the purchase price in case of damage or loss.

Please understand that as a “one-woman business” my day also only has 24 hours.
The more precise your ideas are, the less consultation time we need.

I offer the first half hour of counselling free of charge, after that there is a charge of €30.00 per half hour or part thereof.

The offer is made to the best of our knowledge, but no guarantee can be given for the correctness. Especially in times like these, I cannot guarantee the fixed price for a longer period of time due to the uncertain development on the food market. If there are unavoidable cost increases of more than 15% after the order has been placed, I will inform you immediately. In case of unavoidable cost overruns of up to 15%, a separate notification on my part is not required and I can invoice these costs without further ado.

For my planning, I can guarantee the date for a maximum of two weeks after the offer is made.
So please let me know within this period if you are going to commission the cake.

Payment options and cancellation conditions

A deposit of 50% must be paid two weeks before the date.

The balance must be paid in cash at the latest upon collection or delivery of the cake. Of course, it is possible to transfer the total value entirely in advance.

Bestellungen können bis spätestens zwei Wochen vor Abholung oder Lieferung kostenfrei storniert werden.
Nach Ablauf der zwei Wochen ist eine Zahlung in der Höhe von 40 % des Gesamtpreises zu zahlen.

Wird die Bestellung eine Woche vor Lieferung oder Abholung storniert, sind 100 % des Gesamtpreises zu bezahlen.

Bei einer Terminverschiebung wird der Betrag, sofern der Termin von meiner Seite möglich ist, gutgeschrieben.

It all sounds a bit complicated now, but we get it baked =)

I would be delighted to receive a photo of your special day with the wedding cake and post it on social media.